The Dark Knight Rises Superhero Movies the Ultimate Theme of Faith

The Dark Knight Rises Superhero Movies the Ultimate Theme of Faith

The dark knight rises: superhero movies the ultimate theme of faith
A what is a “faith” in the early 20th century two large-scale war people silently up the cross before the bosom; Postwar western social economy has experienced a take-off, prosperity, fluctuation; That clearly tell the sons of Jesus, they don’t need a physiology in the sense of saints, or the existence of a materialized. People need a symbol, which although not directly change the outcome of the things, but in people planted the seed of “faith”, from “believing that outside forces began to shape a strong heart. Faith, has become a conscious behavior of the individual, is no longer rely on the collective (such as religious, political parties, etc.) can be established, so that the content of the belief is vary from person to person: god, deities, science, and even beliefs will be materialized into power, status, money, beauty and so on, “carpe diem”, “-” can also bring the aura of faith. So, as a cultural medium film, how it lead us to establish a religion? Super hero premise is: super heroes will eventually prevail over evil villain. This plot is set to be able to make a habit of Europe deeply abuse, heart-shaped film audience think americans are too childish, although in this way, the audience is more willing to pay for the super heroes, dazzling special effects, such as excellent audition these technological wonders even if is to attract the audience’s factors, but these technology packaging story only beautiful shell, the kernel spirit of the story is: the victory. The audience enjoy again and again to go to cinema pursuit of super heroes slow the moment to stand up.

That moment, soft lighting, long soundtrack, upgrade the camera and stand up to the heroes have shaped the modern version of the Greek mythology. Only in this version is only one god, the god of spectrum, namely the sublimation for myself – “superego” faith. Now that the audience watching the super hero, is a kind of victory in the pursuit of pleasure, so in this life and death game, super hero represent how faith, villain and represents how faith, super hero with what strength repeatedly beat villain, so that it is hard to in the middle of the movie audience has become a new story? In Christopher Nolan’s version of “batman” final “the dark knight rises as an example, aims to analyze in superhero type, faith can be molded. 2 “faith” to shape element (1) of the film story synopsis Nolan said in the introduction to the film to the “we are to get the whole story, it was not a remake, also not is what ‘reset’, we are in the ending, maintains highly consistent with the front have been completed”. So when plot introduced the dark knight rises, it is necessary to review the first two “XiaYing mystery”, namely “the dark knight” and the relationships between the trilogy, of course, as for the cartoon version of the original is not in the scope of this article. The mystery of XiaYing is Bruce Wayne being batman’s origin. Parents killed in street gangs with guns, it makes him no longer believe in the law of justice, to go out for seven years, to find the power of justice, he found a human weakness, fear, Wayne use fear to save all the nations in fire and water, and the villain use fear and all the peoples in fire and water. Of course, batman can win. People the power of faith from overcome the fear of heart.

Begin to question the legitimacy of the batman in “the dark knight”. The question is sharp,, because Nolan in this story created a beer in the criminal – clown, is he reminded people to this problem. People on both sides of the story in the opposite, however, is not a clown with batman, but “the dark knight” batman and light “knight” Harvey dent. People are in need of a law can control the “knight” of light, or need a “the dark knight” is above the law. Finally, set up in the name of “knight” light “dent act”, and “the dark knight” bear the SINS of the light knight, disappeared in the darkness. In this sense, the batman in victory posture has failed. Here, the people the power of belief to self-discipline law system. People in the dark knight rises in represented by bain “satan” and represented by “batman” to make a choice between “Jesus”. Finally, batman rose to be “superego”, in the people heart into the faith. Let’s discuss the contributing to this shift elements. (2) “faith” to shape elements, in fact, every character in the film have played an important role to shape the batman into faith, just some are obstacles, some are shaped, some vacillation. (1) Bruce Wayne’s inner struggle be batman or not be, at the beginning of the story is a problem for Wayne. His trapped in the cause of the problem, presents several film, one is girlfriend Rachel, Rachel said that when he was batman coat off, they can be together. After established the dent act, Wayne is for Rachel to keep his word. Second, Gotham, after established the dent act, downtown into a advhcg honesty prevails throughout the datong society. And Gotham city residents now killed him as their hero’s killer, it represents the interests of the citizens from the police officers arrested batman, not keen on criminals can see out.

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