Life Mask VS Bane Mask

Until now, it was tired of wearing a mask of life.

Have been in hiding, has been in hiding, always try to give the students, teachers and parents showed a right jolly, attends class does not listen and excited me, anyway, there are many many shortcomings. Originally want to finish junior high school life, but it was too hard to keep down.

Have been tired, in a time of failure. Has fear, in a time of misunderstanding. Get what you want, also lost dreams. But, all thing is used, with a mask, hiding the true me, true heart. Do not know when to start, do not know why started, only know that, do it let me lost too many friends, missed too many chances. However, I am still proceed without hesitation to hide their. Because I don’t want to let everybody see me weak but real side, because in our living environment, can understand me too few.  For some degree, I may a little admire Bane from the Dark Knight Rises who would like to show a truly Bane to others, even he has to wear his Bane mask with voice changer to keep alive.

bane mask with voice changer

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