Funny Face Masks Express Different Emotion

In real life, everyone has their own passions. When excited, face will be filled with happy expression; when angry, face will show anger expression. Each face shows expression, others will see. Once you put on the mask, will not easily reveal their true face. Looking forward to seeing the homemade masks in the classroom.

We cherish excited mood to meet the arrival of the show, it will be interesting, come up with their own mask and share with each other in class. The teacher selected ten students out on the platform to show. At this time, have to wear own style mask, some students just cover the eyes like a masked Batman; some mask likes a girl, likes a gentle and quiet girl; some mask is bear, like a bear and so on. All I do is Bane mask, because he represents loyalty, I want to be a loyal to the brave little Bane. I looked through the lovely mask on everybody, wow! Their masks, all kinds of different. I stood by the students, he is creative, do a mask can actually put glasses in the mask, is painted on small kart lovely expression. Who is he? I don’t know; sometimes Monkey King, probably his brave, naughty, witty; sometimes by rabbit, may be the cute and naughty! I watched the laughing, the students also laugh out. I think, if they wear the mask to go home, my parents will be startled, thought it was a stranger. WOW! I doubt: “who is this? And who’s that? ” If someone passes by, will be the scene and a jump, and immediately attracted.

batman mask

Finally the teacher let us wear our own mask, respectively, and then take pictures, to record the moment funny scene. Just a simple mask, so that everyone in the class laughed delighted. Happiness could be so simple!

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