Batman The Dark Knight Rises The Official LOGO

The official LOGO is on the Licensing, International Expo published on, from the point of the LOGO, color is black, and then change to blue slowly to the center, the nearer the center, the light blue, and a sign of batman is at the center of the LOGO, we can imagine the meaning of the LOGO contains: a, around to black, show the film of the base of color is black, and batman LOGO located in the middle of the LOGO that batman will begin with a trapped in black; Second, tend to be more blue, slowly to the center as the film for the film’s story gradually tend to be light, but still with a strong color of melancholy; Third, the closer it gets to the center, the brighter the color, although have a little blue, but it is very close to white, that the end of the film is bright, that is, the dark knight will have our great self-salvation. The above is a personal humble opinion, everyone have different opinion can discuss!

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