Bane Mask Voice: Nolan Version of Batman Finale Guess

Bane Mask Voice: Nolan Version of Batman Finale Guess

Heard that Nolan in batman in the third part to the whole series do an end, that is to say, if we want to see the Nolan’s version of batman, this is the last one, as for the future will someone and then order, I’m sorry, not Nolan’s batman I now not interested! Since Nolan said I want to end this series, so must have been a result of deliberate, namely Nolan will in this third batman will give you a perfect hand over to treat, including the causes and effects of the whole story, each person face the fate, and so on. In here, I personally think the third is not important, what kind of bad guy born it happened is not important, important is the final ending, and give us inspiration, of course this is Nolan is good at, I believe that will turn out to be satisfactory. So, although the film the whole idea we outsiders don’t know, but we can according to our own desire to guess the end of the story as a whole. End is clearly divided into two types, one type for the end of the light, another type of course is the end of the dark. As a people full of sense of justice, of course, of course, hope that the final end to light the end, if it is the end of the light, I believe that one of the most common ending is this: the start of a third must be again evil villain, for such a bad guy’s ability to police comrades and cannot get rid of the bad guys, while batman still carries the kill was wanted by the police on charges of Harvey dent and batman appeared to cope with bad guys, and there are some other people may pursue dent the cause of death, in the end the batman and police forces defeated the bad guy, and unearthed at the same time, a focus on events in the history of the batman to light, to regain the affection of his people. The benefits of this outcome is batman no death and no retreat, then even if Nolan is not taken, behind the story still can continue to continue, not end there, of course, I believe it’s definitely not Nolan version of batman ending, because true is too vulgar!

Relatively deep bright endings is: although the batman is still burdened with the charges, but its to continue putting the punishing, but still being criticized by people, that is why he can always is above the law and cannot be punished by law, so in batman and fighting bad guys and can’t be recognized by people and support, so the batman on behalf of justice in people’s mind and can’t be justice, but at the same time of batman continue putting the punishing people sense of justice has been awakened, at the same time, the corruption of the police system at the same time continue to be eradicated, with the improvement of people’s consciousness and ability of the police, the bad guys will be in the vast sea of the people’s war, the story in the end the batman rely on the police and the power of the ordinary people beat the bad guys, and batman’s initial as batman’s purpose has been achieved, ghosn, no longer need to him, then retire, honestly to do his business magnate, the end of the story. This is I think the most perfect ending light! , of course, since it is Nolan, natural film inevitable with a black background, the story of black nature may be the end of the black: for batman with kill police charges, police pursued everywhere, and the original image in the public completely bankrupt, so batman himself lost in the vast sea of the people’s war, when Gordon dry and powerless, can only secretly help batman, so putting the punishing batman’s can only be conducted on the margins of society, and it happened that they will have a very clever very strong bad guys, the bad guys around may be all in the name of capture batman and evil, it might be, until the end of the story, with the help of Gordon, batman and villains fierce struggle, the truth of the original at the same time, but in the process of fighting the batman and bad guys are either die or seriously injured, in a word, after batman disappeared because of body reason, so the batman disappeared as the truth of the out world, batman the original variety of notoriety to eliminate, people began to miss the justice is, the people’s sense of justice was completely awakened, based on the law of justice a good run, but it is above the law that the symbol of justice completely dead! So there’s no sequel! Above is a personal humble opinion, I believe that the ultimate result may be a is not what I guess, but what, we just want to enjoy the great work, that’s enough!

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