Bane Mask Voice 2012 7 Big Hollywood Movie Companies Large Inventory

Bane Mask Voice 2012 7 Big Hollywood Movie Companies Large Inventory

Bane with mask. In the movie,Bane is the most waiting.

King like warner low-key return after the process with Warner Brothers, this is also a muster all his strength. Released in late June “gigolo the movie” the magic mike pulled open the prelude to warner counter-offensive. Although the budget of just $6 million for the “magic mike” domestic investment rate of return as high as 16 times, but its component is also only an appetizer, the real fun starts. Is the third weekend in July, as we know, “Nolan files and Nolan with the rise of the dark knight on the last journey. But people, opening day happened in Denver, Colorado theater shooting is a blow to the preparation of rise of the dark knight. Around midnight on Friday, a white youth suddenly broke into a cinema in Denver, and towards the viewers are watching the dark knight rises a maser, 12 people were killed as a result, 58 people were injured. Theater shooting once sensation all over the world, the impact on the rise and subsequent film is huge, Hollywood film in the third quarter performance than expected generally associated with the event also had considerable. “The dark knight” released before the sudden accident died (” clown “) to the movie box office has played a role, and the dark knight rises on the opening day of the accident has played a negative impact. But the shooting is not “rise” to start a low profile, the only reason for the subsequent performance is more low-key, the audience’s expectation is the dark knight in the rise of the road more enemies. Specifically, the audience expectation of villain became more enemies. “The dark knight” can a nickname of the “batman: the clown, but can’t call the dark knight rises” batman: the biography of bain. In fact, a classic film must not up a “biography of XXX: villain alias, villain is whether it is enough to give prize is not the only standard to measure whether the film classic. Indeed, the audience of the clown miss has become “the dark knight rises more enemies. Audience expectation of villain became greater than the cinema shooting the enemy.

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